Directed Vapor Technologies, Inc. (DVTI), a leader in technology and processes for advanced physical vapor deposition coating, is proud to announce that its quality management system has received ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Harry Burns, president and CEO of DVTI, attributes the company’s successful completion of this important certification to the customer focused culture and the long established policies, quality controls, and detailed record keeping.

The certification is an industry standard that verifies the integrity of an organization’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) and recognizes its ability to meet customers’ quality requirements while continually improving operational processes. The recognition supports DVTI’s scope of research, design and manufacture of coatings using a vapor deposition process and related processes and coating equipment and is a testament to the Company’s ability to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. DVTI’s certification comes after Quality Systems Registrars, Inc. (QSR®), a leading inspection and certification company, completed a thorough audit of DVTI’s Quality Management System.

The establishment of DVTI’s QMS made it possible to articulate the company’s vision and mission to consistently meet the needs and expectations of its customers and partners while continually improving its processes. “This is an important step to formally demonstrated the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction by validating and certifying our quality management system under ISO 9001:2008,” said Harry Burns. “The Certification is a significant milestone for all of us at DVTI.” Achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification clearly demonstrates DVTI’s company-wide commitment to supporting our customers with a quality product. This commitment starts with our senior management and is fully embraced by all DVTI’s employees.