Charlottesville, VA, Aug. 20, 2015 – Directed Vapor Technologies is an emerging provider of advanced, high rate deposition capability for battery materials and will be exhibiting at booth 1651. The Battery Show is a premier showcase of the latest advanced battery technologies, which is attended by experienced professionals from across the battery industry.

Directed Vapor Technology’s high rate, vapor phase processing approach, Directed Vapor Deposition (DVD), can be used for the high throughput creation of solid electrolyte compositions being considered for next generation, higher energy density solid-state batteries. The process can also be used to enable high rate manufacturing of other battery components. “DVTI’s technology addresses key roadblocks – materials process and costs – to achieving high through put production of next generation, higher energy density solid-state batteries,” said Harry Burns, President and Chief Executive Officer of Directed Vapor Technologies. Adoption of high energy density solid-state batteries is currently limited by the low deposition rates associated with conventional deposition approaches.

DVD is a gas jet assisted E-beam PVD coating process that focuses the vapor flux onto the target substrate for efficient deposition of materials, resulting in superior compositional control of dense deposits with enhanced ionic conductivity. This vapor phase processing approach is not limited to electrolyte materials as it is capable of depositing other solid-state battery layers such as cathodes and anodes. Directed Vapor Technologies can deposit a broad range of complex compositions as well multi-layer compositions and battery architectures.