Charlottesville – January 5, 2015 – Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc. (DVTI) has begun focusing their Directed Vapor Deposition (DVD) coating technology toward the production of lightweight wiring for use in the aerospace industry. The DVD process has the unique ability to effectively coat conductive layers of material to high performance polymer fibers. Since modern designs used in the aerospace and space industries include a significant number of electrical systems and components, considerable fuel efficiency cost savings can be obtained from replacement of copper wires with lighter weight, coated polymer fibers. In addition, utilization of coated polymer fiber wires is expected to result in increased robustness and reliability due to expected increases in flex tolerance and mechanical strength. The DVD process has a very high rate of deposition and is capable of non-line-of-sight coatings so it is ideal for creating uniform, well-adhered conductive coatings. This process aims to overcome some of the limitations of existing liquid plated conductive polymers and textile products. DVTI has extensive background with high performance coatings for the aerospace industries through their work with thermal barrier and environmental barrier coatings for turbine engine hot section components and other aircraft protective coatings. The DVD coating process is an advanced version of electron beam physical vapor deposition that more efficiently deposits coatings