Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc. (DVTI) has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract from NASA. The two-year program is investigating advanced high temperature materials technologies to meet application challenges associated with future propulsion systems.  NASA’s long range goals of reducing fuel consumption by 30% and increasing fuel efficiency by 35% can partially be accomplished through increasing the operation temperatures of gas turbine engines.  The advent of advanced alloys, coatings, cooling technologies and ceramic components has created the potential for significant increases in the hot section of these engines.  However, these advances will also lead to elevated temperatures in other regions of the engine.  For example, the turbine disk section would also need to operate at increasingly higher temperatures that would subject it to oxidation and hot corrosion degradation mechanisms not currently experienced.  DVTI is developing corrosion/oxidation resistant coatings and methods for applying these coatings to turbine disk materials in order to enable operating at temperatures in excess of 1400 °F.