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Directed Vapor Technology’s coating process called directed vapor deposition (DVD) produces well-adhered coatings on high performance fibers that have several advanced capabilities for many unique applications. The production, reel-to-reel, continuous fiber / wire / tape handling system that enables the application of these coatings onto continuous fibers.  Fibers such as carbon and polymer are used in many commercial and military applications due to their strength and weight advantages. Giving these fibers the additional properties of electrical conductivity and/or electromagnetic shielding presents many opportunities for improvements in the following areas:

  • Conductive Composites – Allows for carbon fiber composites to be utilized in applications that require electrical conductivity.
  • Lightweight, Flex Tolerance Wires and Cables – As the aircraft industry strives for improvements in efficiency as well as increases in capabilities, it is beginning to utilize these advances in electrical wiring products. Replacing legacy copper wiring with lightweight, flex resistant conductive fibers that offer great performance and significant weight advantages.
  • Electromagnetic Shielding – These metal-coated fibers offer performance enhancements, such a weight savings, flex tolerance and strength for electromagnetic shielding products.
  • Lighting Strike Protection – As aircraft designers continue to use composites for more parts of modern aircraft they are faced with issues protecting against lightning strikes. This problem can be addressed by incorporating conductive metal-coated fibers into the composite construction.
  • Electrostatic Discharge – Conductive fibers offer the ability to dissipate static buildup in non-metallic parts.
  • Conductive Polymers – There are many products that are made out of polymer fibers and could benefit from having conductive properties. Incorporation of these coated fibers offers those desired advantages.
  • E-Textiles – Electronics such as, sensors, controls and other smart features continue to be incorporated into textile products. These capabilities rely on these effective conductive fibers that are lightweight and flex tolerant.

The directed vapor deposition (DVD) coating process offers many advantages over conventional metal plating processes. The high-energy bond of the deposited metal coating offer superior adhesion.

Types of coated materials (Including, but not limited to)

Coatings – Copper, Silver, Nickel, Aluminum, Gold, Magnesium, Tin
Polymer Fibers – Kevlar®, PEEK, PBO (Zylon®), E-Glass, PTFE
Carbon Fibers and Carbon Nanotubes
Monofilaments, Tows, Yarns and Tapes

Coated Fiber

Coated Polymer

Coated Kevlar

Coated Carbon Nanotube (CNT)