Directed Vapor Technologies specializes in very high rate, high throughput deposition of battery materials using its unique coating process, Directed Vapor Deposition (DVD). This process enables the efficient and economical production of advanced battery components such as electrolytes, cathodes and anodes in a wide-range of material compositions. LiPON – Lithium Phosphorous Oxide Nitride as an electrolyte in solid states batteries can produce the following benefits. Stable Battery High Energy and Power Density Long Cycle Life Large Operational Temperature Ranges The DVD process can produce these electrolytes with the following advantages Thin or thick layers >40x the rate of current deposition approaches, up to 80µm/min. Non-line-of-sight capability High coating quality (compositional and microstructurally controlled)


Lithium Phosphorous Oxynitride (LiPON) Electrolytes

Photo Courtesy of the University of Virginia