Directed Vapor Technologies services a wide range of customers across a variety of industries. We have the coating expertise to enhance the performance of products in all types of applications from aerospace engines to advanced conductive films for specialized electronics.

Lightweight Aircraft Wiring
Polymer based composite wiring
– Lightweight wiring to replace conventional cooper wire
– Lightweight EMI shielding

Turbine Engines
Advanced coatings for turbine engine hot section components
– Thermal barrier coatings
– Environmental barrier coatings
– Oxidation and hot corrosion
– Coatings for superalloy and CMC components
– Complex blade geometries includeing doublet vanes and blade disks

Aircraft Components
Environmentally friendly coatings for corrosion and wear
– Aluminum and aluminum alloy coatings
– Replacements for hazardous cadmium and chrome
– Landing Gear
– Actuators

Energy Storage
Advanced battery materials
– Solid state electrolytes
– Advanced cathode materials
– Advanced separator layers

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Automotive Engines
High-performance engine coatings
– Thermal barrier coatings

Functional coatings for medical devices and implants
– Antimicrobial coatings
– Radiopacity coatings